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My work is directly connected to the observation I make in this world. I’m a multidisciplinary artist exploring different medias. Sculptures, Paintings, videos, installations and the connection between them. I believe that everything in art has a unique way to be expressed, I listen and execute. The fusion of different media, the immersive  dialogue between the elements are the building blocks of my creation.




Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Amsterdam NL(2016)

•Bachelor degree VAV

Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Amsterdam NL(2017)



Amsterdam NL(2021)


•Holly Short Film Festival award 

"For the love i show"

Los Angeles (2019) LINK

•C41 Magazine publication

"Beats & Rhymes" 

Milano (2020)  LINK


Stage 6 performance event

Amsterdam (2017)



Stage 7 performance event•            Amsterdam (2018)           

Plan B Gallery exhibition           

Amsterdam (2017)           

Neverneverland Gallery•            exhibition, Amsterdam (2018)          


Stedelijk Museum Group            performance, Amsterdam (2019)          

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